Order Form Instructions

This process will be mostly the same for any order you make on this site.


Click on the product you want to order from the navigation menu. 

Choose your quantity. If you are using a Yellow Letter mailing list, you will want the quantity to match the number of letters you want to create from your list.

Select what option you want. For Yellow Letters, you have the option of basic or inserted. 

You can enter your zip code to get a shipping estimate before you purchase, but this is not necessary. Also an option, you can give your job a unique name if you need it for your records. Please enter any additional information, special instructions or requests you need us to know. More information is better!

When you are done with this page, click "Customize Order" to continue.

In the "Variable Data" file, click the "Select" button. This will open a window for you to go and locate your file. Click "Open" when you have your file selected. 


Enter in your name and date in the "Job Identifier" field. Please use your name and not the name on the letter. This will help us with tracking your job from start to finish.

Customize your information. Please note if you choose to modify the content, there is a limit to the space allotted each field. All font, font size, line spacing, width, and height of each field of copy is set and cannot be modified.*


When you have uploaded your file and/or entered in all your information for this order, click on "Update Preview" to view your proof. 


Make sure your CSV file fields/data columns are in the right place in the drop down menus in the Variable Data field. 

Click on "Update Preview" to view your proof again, if your Variable Data fields were not automatically set in the right spot. 


Double check that everything is correct and looks good. When you are ready, click the check box by "Yes, I approve this document." down in the lower right corner by the "Cancel" and "Save for Later" buttons. 

 Click on "Add to Cart" and proceed to Check Out to pay for your order. 


*The exception is the Build Your Own Letter template. The trade off in being able to completely customize your letter, is that we will have to merge your mailing list for you.