Mailing List Guidelines

To help process your order as easily as possible, please use these guidelines to prepare your lists before submitting them to us. 


To get the best results from your list(s), please tell your list generating company (or prepare them yourself) we require the following structure and formatting:

First / Last Name (in one column)
Address City / ST / Zip Code (in one column)
Property Address
Number (Or Index number)

Proper or Title Case data

Example of CSV file format when viewed in a text editor:

"John Letterman", "5569-6 Bowden Rd","Jacksonville, FL 32216","1234 Main St","1"

If using Ron's Letter template or Font A, please do not use special characters. Example: # $ % ^ ; _ + [ ] < > { } | \ /
We suggest replacing "#" with "Unit".

Mailing lists submitted must be the entire order desired. If you want 250 letters from a list of 2079, you must submit a list that only contains the 250 entries you want to use.
Payment will be adjusted if the number of printed items does not match the number of entries on the list submitted. 

We offer list management if you would prefer us to handle it for you. For example, if you only want to use a part of your list or if your data are all uppercase and you would like it to be changed to title case, we can change that for you for a small fee. Click on the link here to learn more. Please be sure to make note of your requests in "Additional Instructions" when ordering. If you submit a list, and we have to modify it, we will adjust payment accordingly.